Jet isds 00/328946

JET isds 00/328946 Top quality bitch fully broken. DOB : 20 June 2013

Out of Kevin Evan’s Caleb and R. Jones’ Nell

DNA CEA Normal optigen tested Opthalmic, Eye test = 26 januray 2015.

Jet won trials in England and Belgium. She have a brain, heart and courage, athleticism, speed, drive and enthusiasm, and a good temperament. She has a lovely natural outrun, and can go out 600 meters with ease. She is also a very good listener, direct on her sheep and works with style and class. A real pleasure to work with. She is the kind of partner you would like to have for the competition and the daily farm work. Jet have proceded some very promessing pups you can see on videos.





Jet when whe was 9 months old


Jet’s offspring 8 months old